A Good Gal with a Gun Makes Burglars Beat It and She Didn’t Need to Pull the Trigger

Four men made the mistake of choosing the wrong house in a burglary attempt. Three of the four alleged burglars with hoodies and backpacks approached the door of the home while another one hid in some bushes. A woman inside called the sheriff. Someone who just happened to be going by also called and reported the three men with one in the bushes.

The woman answered the door with a firearm in hand. Even though one of them probably had a large knife, they might have thought of the old adage “never bring a knife to a gunfight”. They ran, hopped in a white SUV and hightailed it into the sunset. (I know, it was around 10 am, but the “into the sunset” definitely goes with “gunfight” and hightailed”.) Continue reading

Mother of Three Fired for Protecting Herself from Armed Robber

Jennifer Wertz used to work at the Circle K gas station in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A robber armed with a firearm threatened to shoot Jennifer. She pulled a revolver from her pocket, cocked it and fired, striking 23-year-old Ferron Mendez in the chest. This ended his attack.

Jennifer told FOX6:

I grabbed my gun from my pocket, I cocked it, and I shot. I’m sick and tired of being a sitting duck… Robberies have been going on like this for the past few weeks. They [her employer] have done nothing to protect me. And I felt the need to protect myself.

Circle K suspended her for two weeks for saving her own life and then fired her. They have a policy that states no employees may carry firearms for self-protection. She had told her employer that they needed to do something to help protect her as robberies have escalated in her area.

Jennifer’s mother set up a GoFundMe page for $20,000 to help her daughter support her family while she recovers from the trauma of this attempted robbery. Well, a LOT of people support her decision to carry a firearm. As of this writing, the donations are $71,690 in just 8 days!

So a good gal with a gun stopped the perp and saved her own life.

The perp is expected to live, so let’s pray no lawyer is greedy enough to take on the perp with a frivolous lawsuit.

Homeowner Who Was Stabbed Stops Accused Murderer Dead in His Tracks

On March 10 at 4 in the morning in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Rafael McCloud broke into the garage of an unidentified couple. He restrained the couple and wound up stabbing the husband. Sometime later, the husband must have managed to work loose from his bindings and retrieve a firearm. Continue reading

A Good Guy with a Gun Saves Clerk’s Life

On Sunday, March 13, a masked man began attacking people inside a 7-Eleven in White Center, Washington with a hatchet. When he missed a customer, he went after the clerk, giving him a stomach injury. Continue reading

Valet with a Concealed Firearm Permit Stops Attack at General Motors Tech Center

On Wednesday, February 10th at around 9:30 am, a 52-year-old employee of the General Motors Tech Center in Warren, Michigan was stabbed in the abdomen, back and neck with a steak knife by a 32-year-old woman who appeared to know her. Didarul Sarder was working for a valet service at the GM facility and stopped the attacker from causing more injury by presenting his firearm, for which he has a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm. Didarul was asked to vacate the premises after saving the woman. Continue reading

Restaurant Employee Foils Armed Robbery [VIDEO]

Money wasn’t on the menu when a masked man strolled into Captain Max Seafood in Miramar, Florida, on the day before Christmas and pulled out a gun. He argued with the employee who didn’t hand over the cash. Instead, the brave employee pulled out his firearm and stopped the robbery by firing several shots. Continue reading

Young Boy Stops Armed Home Invasion with a Shotgun

Lamar Brown and Ira Bennett made a bad choice when they tried to invade a home in Ladson, South Carolina. They tried to break into the home through the back door, but an alert 13-year-old retrieved his mother’s shotgun and exchanged fire with one of the suspects. Continue reading

Pistol Packing Pastor Protects Church

Lee Marvin Blue, a 27-year old man decided to steal some electronics from the Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas on July 28th. What burglary target could there be that a church at 6 am? Lee broke down the door to the church and went inside. All was going as planned and he was walking out with an armload of electronics when the unexpected (on Lee’s part that is) happened. Continue reading

Former CNN Family with a CCW Saves Lives

On July 1st, Lynne Russell, a former CNN anchor and her husband Chuck de Caro, a former CNN correspondent were in a motel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lynne stepped out of the room and was forced back into the room by an armed man. Once in the room, the robber threw her onto the bed, demanded their valuables and went to get Chuck’e briefcase.

As the perp started to leave he turned around and started firing his gun. Chuck has a CCW license and had drawn his firearm. Both Chuck and the robber shot at each other. Chuck was rushed to the hospital with three bullet wounds while the perp lay outside waiting for the coroner. Continue reading

Armed Man Prevents Bodily Harm by Stopping Two Racially-Motivated Attackers

On June 28th, Erick Paula, a Fairfield, Illinois resident and CCW holder, was cut off the road at 3:30 am by a black SUV. Two men exited the vehicle and challenged Erick to a fistfight. The two thugs were warned that they were about to attack someone who had a concealed firearm, but they told Erick to put down his weapon and fight. Continue reading