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Theater Security Guard Thwarts Mass Casualties in Movie Theater

Jesus Manuel Garcia worked with his girlfriend at the China Garden Restaurant.  Some time after she broke up with him, he sent her a text that he was going to the restaurant and shoot somebody.

She was not working at the time.  When she read the text on the evening of December 16th, Garcia was already shooting through the door of the China Garden in South San Antonio. Continue reading

Oregon Mall Shooting Stopped by Man Carrying a Concealed Firearm [Video]

The Clackamas Town Center shooter in Oregon was stopped by a person who was legally licensed to carry a concealed firearm.  Nick Meli was carrying a Glock 22, .40 caliber pistol.

As soon as the shooting started, he pulled out his concealed firearm and trained it on the shooter.  The shooter made eye contact with Nick and decided to take his own life rather than be stopped in his tracks by a concerned citizen. Continue reading

Mother Defends Two Daughters and Herself from Attacker

Earnest Gonzales went to his ex-girlfriend’s home and tried to kick in the door.  He left as soon as police were called.  He waited until two in the morning, threatened to kill her and her children, broke open the door and started beating her and her two daughters – age 16 and a newborn baby.

She managed to retrieve her legally-owned .380 pistol and then shot Gonzales, her attacker.  He collapsed outside where police found him.  He died at a hospital. Continue reading

Store Employee Saves Life and Business

Byron Phillip decided to rob the Arundel County Coin Shop on Christmas Day.  Instead of valuable coins, Byron would up collecting lead instead as he was shot by a store employee.

The store employee, whose name was not released, shot the intruder after he was attacked.  This happened in Maryland.  The employee might have been killed if the shop was located in Washington D.C. where firearms are rare as gnats teeth.

Burglar Arrested After Claiming To Be Shot

On December 17, 2012, Hunter Schaad called police to report that he was shot.  He was arrested for burglary.  He broke into the house of a woman in Louisville, Kentucky.  The burglar fled as soon as she shined a light one him.

The woman woke her grandson who retrieved a handgun and fired at the fleeing intruder.  Hunter was shot in the back when the bullet broke the car window and penetrated the headrest.  After tossing out what he had stolen, Hunter drove home and called 911, effectively turning himself into the police.

Resident Kills Burglar in Columbus, Ohio

On December 12, 2012, Ricky Mitchell and two others broke into an apartment on Stonecastle Drive in Columbus, Ohio.  The resident, who was home at the time, shot Ricky.

His two accomplices fled the scene in a car.  Ricky was not as lucky as he died at the scene of the crime.

Burglar Shot After Breaking into Home

On November 22, 2012, a burglar by the name of Wayne Duff broke into a home in the Gordon neighborhood of Letcher County, Kentucky.  James Brown, the homeowner, shot Duff.  Duff was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Kentucky State Police have not charged James in the shooting.  The case will be taken to the Letcher County Grand Jury.  No reason was given as to why the Grand Jury will be asked to look into this apparently clear-cut case of self defense.

Armed Citizen Saves Policeman’s Life

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, Charles Conner shot and killed two of his neighbors and their dogs with a firearm.  Sergeant Steven Means responded to the call reporting the shooting.  He was fired upon as soon as he left his police car.

Means took cover behind his cruiser and returned fire with his AR-15.  He was unable to get a clear shot on Conner as Conner was behind a tree with a better sight advantage.

A neighbor, Vic Stacy, armed himself and went outside.  He saw Sergeant Means was pinned down and he moved to a spot where he had an opportunity to shoot Conner in the thigh from 165 yards.  Conner was distracted and was shot by Stacy three more times from that distance. Continue reading

Children at a Sleepover Saved When Armed Homeowner Stops 3 Invaders

On Sunday, December 23, 2012, three armed men invaded a home in Sacramento, California. The invaders started shooting and the homeowner, who had retrieved a firearm as they broke in, returned fire.  One died and the other two were hit.

There were children attending a sleepover at the time of the home invasion.  They were not hurt.  The brave individual who had rapid access to a firearm stopped an attack which could have killed the children.