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Coyote Attack Thwarted By BB Handgun [video]

It happened on January 28th at 1:20 in the morning. Roger Nelson of Riverside, Illinois, let his three pet dogs outside to do their business.


Coyote Attack

No sooner than they were outside a pack of coyotes jumped his fence and went to attack the dogs.  Roger just managed to get the dogs inside and shut the door before the coyotes snatched up a little German Shepherd puppy.

This incident did not end with the closing of the door.  The coyotes broke through the glass panes of the door and tried to get inside.  The only self defense “weapon” Roger had was a high-powered BB pistol.  A few shots managed to scare away the coyotes. Continue reading

Veteran in Georgia Protects Himself with a Pistol [video]

Mark Sikes is a veteran of the Korean War that is in a wheelchair.  On January 23rd he exercised one of the rights he fought to preserve.

A man dressed in black broke down Mark’s door.  When Mark heard the noise he retrieved his 9mm pistol.

Mark Sikes goes for his pistol

When confronted with the firearm, the burglar fled the house, located in Bogart, Georgia.  The Athens-Clarke County Police were still looking for the intruder who apparently had a car waiting outside. Continue reading

AR-15 Saves Lives of Two NY College Students [video]

Two armed men broke a window and entered a house in Rochester, New York.  One of the two Rochester Institute of Technology student residents had an AR-15, that he uses for sports, locked up.  By the time he had retrieved the AR-15, one of the armed intruders opened the bedroom door.  The criminal was surprised to be suddenly looking down the barrel of the AR-15.

AR-15 saves college studentsThe would-be burglars fled without a shot being fired.  Just the presence of the AR-15 was enough to deter the criminals who were intent on possibly killing the students.

Although the students were grateful for the invaders defeat, the AR-15 owner did not have time to load it.  If he had needed to actually fire the competition rifle, he would have been out of luck.

The AR-15 was legally owned and stored according to New York State laws.  This demonstrates why a firearm that is to be used as a defensive tool be secured, but readily accessible and loaded. Continue reading

Man Who Does Not Believe In Guns Now Views Concealed Permit Holders as Angels

On January 11th, 2012, Kevin Dorsey walked to his car from a bar near the picturesque Hermann Park area in Houston, Texas.  Before he closed the door, a man with a ski mask shoved a gun into Kevin’s chest and robbed him of his car keys, wallet and cell phone, then ran away.

Christopher Hutchins, the robber, thought he got away with his crime, until a couple of people who had concealed weapons permits drove by, asked Kevin what happened and then started to chase the robber.  A gunfight ensued and the robber was hit.

This was not Christopher’s lucky day, as he jumped over a fence to escape and was attacked and held by a large German Shepherd until police arrived.  The perp was taken to a hospital.

Kevin Dorsey was quoted as saying “I don’t believe in guns. I don’t own a gun. I’m totally at the mercy of my saviors. They obviously sent two angels to help me. These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”

Even anti-gun people appreciate being saved by law-abiding citizens who are permitted to carry concealed firearms.

Grandmother with a Gun Stops Store Robbery

On December 14, 2012, a man armed with a knife entered Ernestine Aldana’s grocery store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The man advanced on her, intent on taking the cash from the register.

Luckily, Ernestine had a firearm in the store and she pulled out her gun while backing away from the would-be robber.  He must have had a change of heart as he ran away.  He was later arrested when the store’s surveillance recording was given airplay by WISN TV and other media. Continue reading

Gun Stops Cattle Prod Attack and Robbery

On January 2, 2012, Lance Tomberlin decided he wanted to rob a convenience store.  He entered the store located just outside of Tallahassee, Florida and ordered the clerk to give him the money.

Lance started shocking the clerk with the cattle prod.  Finally, the clerk pulled out a handgun.  Lance suddenly figured he would be on the losing end of a battle and ran away, ending the attack and robbery.  Another employee ran after him, but he escaped in his vehicle.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement that the robber was arrested yesterday, January 8th and charges of armed robbery and aggravated battery were filed.  Just the presence of a firearm by a concealed firearms permit holder stopped the vicious attack from continuing.

Homeowner Shoots Two Buglars in Two Months

Miodrag Burgarcic shot an armed burglar who broke into his home on November 21, 2012.  The burglar died.  Miodrag acted in self defense and was not charged.

On December 31, another burglar broke into Miodrag’s house.  The homeowner confronted the intruder and held him at gunpoint for police.  The mad threw a lamp at Miodrag and was shot in the arm.  After being treated at the hospital, he was arrested and charged with burglary.

This time, the Cleveland, Ohio District Attorney is still investigating the shooting and has not yet decided to whether charges against the homeowner will be filed.

Mom Hides with Children and Shoots Intruder When Discovered [video]

In the afternoon of Friday, January 4, 2013, a burglar with a crowbar approached a house in Loganville, Georgia.  The woman inside saw the man and took her 9-year-old twin daughters into the attic.

The burglar eventually found them and the woman fired six times from a .38 revolver.  The criminal begged her not to shoot him again and she ran with her daughters to a next door neighbor. Continue reading

Stopped with a Firearm: Naked Man Chokes Dog, Attacks Homeowner [Video]

At 5:30 am in the Morning of January 2nd, a homeowner in Miami, Florida heard his dogs barking and discovered a naked man choking one of his Rottweilers.  He homeowner tried to get the attention of the naked man, but was attacked.

The homeowner fired at the naked man and hit him in the leg.  The seemingly-crazed naked man was held for the police by the homeowner and then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Continue reading

Robber Shot by Convenience Store Clerk in Houston, Texas

On December 28th, 2012, a robber probably thought he would get some easy cash by holding up a convenience store in Houston, Texas.  The clerk retrieved a firearm and shot the perp.  The interrupted robbery ended with the perpetrator being taken to the hospital.