AR-15 Saves Lives of Two NY College Students [video]

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Two armed men broke a window and entered a house in Rochester, New York.  One of the two Rochester Institute of Technology student residents had an AR-15, that he uses for sports, locked up.  By the time he had retrieved the AR-15, one of the armed intruders opened the bedroom door.  The criminal was surprised to be suddenly looking down the barrel of the AR-15.

AR-15 saves college studentsThe would-be burglars fled without a shot being fired.  Just the presence of the AR-15 was enough to deter the criminals who were intent on possibly killing the students.

Although the students were grateful for the invaders defeat, the AR-15 owner did not have time to load it.  If he had needed to actually fire the competition rifle, he would have been out of luck.

The AR-15 was legally owned and stored according to New York State laws.  This demonstrates why a firearm that is to be used as a defensive tool be secured, but readily accessible and loaded.

With the newly-proposed laws, this rifle would have been illegal and therefore turned into the police for destruction.  The police, who arrived after the intruders had fled, thought the armed men had BB guns; they were not there to help during the invasion.

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