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Armed Citizen Stops Armed Felon Fleeing From Police

Quintonio White was on the Most Wanted list of Daytona Beach Florida.  On Friday, February 15th, he was spotted in a stolen car by undercover officers.  Unfortunately for the officers, Quintonio saw them, crashed into their unmarked car and took off. Continue reading

Two Die in Prospect Virginia Home Invasion As Homeowner Defends Himself [video]

Yesterday, February 17th, three people armed with firearms invaded a home in the town of Prospect, Prince Edward County, Virginia.  They made the mistake of shooting at the homeowner.

In the ensuing gunfight, two of the invaders lay dead and the third fled the scene in an automobile on Route 460.  Despite the three to one advantage of the invaders, the homeowner successfully defended himself and was unhurt. Continue reading

Saint Valentines Day Massacre Prevented by a Guard Armed With an AR-15 [video]

On Thursday, February 14th a pair of armed robbers entered a tax preparation business in Inkster, Michigan and immediately started shooting.  A guard retrieved what was reported to be an AR-15 and returned fire.

The armed robbers, one male and one female, fled the scene and ran on foot in different directions.  The guard was wounded in the leg and was treated and released from the hospital.  The perps appeared not to be wounded. Continue reading

Chicago Workers Saved from Armed Teenagers by Concealed Carry Permit Holder [video]

On February 8th, a pair of armed teenagers attempted to rob a pair of Chicago utility workers.  This was not a good idea.

Even though, concealed firearms permits are as rare as gnats’ teeth in Chicago, one of the utility workers happened to have one.  He shot both of the armed robbers who were taken to the hospital and are recovering from their wounds.

Even in Chicago, a good guy with a gun can save lives from the likes of cold-blooded criminals.

The video needs to be updated as the previous shooting by a girl’s basketball coach was ruled self-defense.

Elderly Man Protects Against Armed Home Invasion in Las Vegas [video]

On Monday, February 4th, three armed people broke into the home of an elderly gentleman in the northwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The 72-year-old homeowner went to his bedroom and armed himself with a handgun.

As soon as the trio entered his bedroom he fired at least once, according to Las Vegas Metro Police.  One fleeing suspect crashed into a police car that was arriving at the scene and was taken into custody.

Another man was found dead from a gunshot in the homeowner’s back yard.  The invader’s gun was also found there.  A third man described as a Latin male was observed running from the scene by neighbors; he has not yet been captured. Continue reading

Assistant Basketball Coach Stops Armed Robbers On Detroit School Grounds [video]

On Friday, February 1st, Ernest Robinson, an assistant coach for the girl’s basketball team, was outside Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in Detroit when he was approached two teens who try to rob him and two members of the team.

Unfortunately, the two teenage robbers had a handgun, which they were not permitted even possess.  This would lead to their downfall. Continue reading

Armed Guard Disarms Student and Limits Injury at Atlanta School

On January 31, 2013 at approximately 1:50 in the afternoon, a student opened fire and wounded another student inside the Price Middle School near downtown Atlanta.  A 14-year old student was wounded and an “armed resource officer” disarmed the shooter before further carnage could occur.

The school was locked down as the school’s emergency protocol was followed.  One of the students at the school, James Bolton Jr. told a reporter “They told us we had to be quiet. They said something went on in the courtyard.”  James did not even know there was a shooting until the reporter from AP asked him. Continue reading