Elderly Man Protects Against Armed Home Invasion in Las Vegas [video]

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On Monday, February 4th, three armed people broke into the home of an elderly gentleman in the northwest part of Las Vegas, Nevada.  The 72-year-old homeowner went to his bedroom and armed himself with a handgun.

As soon as the trio entered his bedroom he fired at least once, according to Las Vegas Metro Police.  One fleeing suspect crashed into a police car that was arriving at the scene and was taken into custody.

Another man was found dead from a gunshot in the homeowner’s back yard.  The invader’s gun was also found there.  A third man described as a Latin male was observed running from the scene by neighbors; he has not yet been captured.

Police officer Bill Cassell was quoted by KLAS-TV news: “Several intruders, had gotten into the home, entered his bedroom and he fired at least one shot, and they fled. It is unusual, first of all, to have multiple people burglarizing a residence, especially when they are carrying weapons.”

The unidentified 72-year-old homeowner was not harmed as he was able to protect himself with deadly force when confronted and outnumbered by three armed men.

The police arrived quickly enough to catch one of the home invaders, but not fast enough to catch one of the criminals.  They could not have protected the homeowner.

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