Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Woman from Death [video]

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On Tuesday, March 12, Charlie Blackmore, formerly a member of the United States Marine Corps saw a women being severely beaten and kicked on a sidewalk in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Luckily for the woman, Charlie had a concealed weapon permit and was carrying a firearm on his person.

Charlie jumped out of his car, drew his firearm and the suspect eventually got down on the ground.  The police were called, but the perp tried several times to move toward the ex-Marine.  Eventually, the police arrived and arrested the attacker.

Mr. Blackmore commented “I mean I’ve already made it up in mind that if he came at me I was going to have to take him down and I told him that. I warned him multiple times not to come towards me because he was a big guy and I wasn’t playing around and he didn’t seem like he was playing around.”  He continued “We do good things. Not all of us are bad or crazy gun nuts. There are good people”

The woman had severe cuts and possibly a broken nose.  She may have been kicked to death had a concealed weapon permit holder had not come to her rescue.

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