Monthly Archives: April 2013

Miami Robber Does Not Have It His Way at Burger King

On Monday, April 8, an armed robber entered a Burger King in Miami at around 1 pm and started to rob a patron of their cash and valuables. As the robber was leaving, a customer who had a concealed weapon permit shot the robber in the leg, as he was in fear for his family’s lives. Continue reading

Intruder Picks Wrong House in Colorado on April First

April 1st is commonly called April Fools Day and an intruder proved that to be true when he broke into a house in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado.  The wife called 911 and reported a person was outside “behaving very erratically.”

Shortly before midnight the person forced his way into the home before the police could arrive.  Both the husband and wife opened fire and shot the intruder.  The perp died. Continue reading

Armed Citizen in Philadelphia Thwarts Home Invasion on Easter

Lee Heng was asleep on Easter morning when two men broke through his 2nd story bathroom window of his home in South Philadelphia.  While his two children slept, Lee fought with the men until he could break away and retrieve a firearm.

Firing several shots at the suspects stopped the invasion and possibly saved the lives of his children and himself.  One invader was found dead at the scene.  The other person was seen running away from the scene on a surveillance video. Continue reading