Monthly Archives: May 2013

Jewelry Store Owner Wards Off Armed Robbers [video]

On May 4th at around quarter to eleven in the morning, an armed, masked man walked into Bonaci Fine Jewelers, in Kent, Washington.  He probably expected to pick up a bunch of gold, but he wound up getting lead instead. Continue reading

Manager Shoots at Robber 911 Call Answered Over an Hour Later

On the evening of May 5th, Joe Cho, the manager of Pepe’s Grocery & Deli in West Dallas, Texas was getting ready to close the store when he saw two armed robbers enter.  He grabbed his .38 revolver and and and fired multiple shots at one of the perps when they jumped over the counter demanding money. Continue reading

Man with AR-15 Stops Burglary at Gas Station

On May 1st at around 4:10 in the morning two masked men broke into a gas station located in Shingleton, Michigan.  As they attempted to go for the cash register, they were met by Shawn Schank, the owner of the station.  Shawn, who happens to be an Iraq War veteran, kicked one of the men and managed to retrieve his AR-15. Continue reading