Manager Shoots at Robber 911 Call Answered Over an Hour Later

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On the evening of May 5th, Joe Cho, the manager of Pepe’s Grocery & Deli in West Dallas, Texas was getting ready to close the store when he saw two armed robbers enter.  He grabbed his .38 revolver and and and fired multiple shots at one of the perps when they jumped over the counter demanding money.

The robbers fled after returning fire and Joe called 911.  When the police didn’t show after 20 minutes, he checked to see if there was any blood on the floor and finding none he went home.  None of his three employees were hurt.

Police showed up about an hour and a half after the shooting and found the store closed.

Later, police discovered a 21-year old man, Jamarcus Johnson, bleeding from gunshot wounds from the stomach and leg.  Bloody clothes were also nearby.  Despite Jamarcus refusing to say how or where he was when he was shot, police connected him to the unanswered robbery and shooting 911 call.

Police finally called Joe at 1 am to come down to his store to answer some questions.  It looks like Joe may have hit the robber.  The robber is expected to be charged with aggravated robbery when he is released from the hospital.

Once again, this shows you cannot count on police to protect you.  They will only be around after the crime.

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