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Grandmother Stops Burglar Saves Lives with .357 Mag at Age 72

Jan Cooper’s Rottweiler was barking in her Anaheim at 1:30 am on June 9th.  Grabbing a .357 magnum revolver she saw a man on her porch trying to get in.  She dialed 911 for help.

357 Magnum Revolver

357 Magnum Revolver

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Youth Protects Family With Firearm – In New York City!

New York City has Draconian gun laws, so when two armed criminals broke into the Canarsie, Brooklyn home on June 3rd, there were no weapons the homeowners could use to defend themselves.  The home invasion did not turn out the way the perps had planned.

The armed men, one dressed in a uniform similar to a FedEx employee, ordered two of the occupants to lie on the floor.  One of the invaders started to enter a bedroom where a 10-year-old boy was hiding and that was his mistake. Continue reading

Talladega Resident Wounds Sex Offender in Home Invasion

On May 16 at around 4 am a registered sex offender broke into a home and startled a woman who saw him in the kitchen.  She yelled for her husband who armed himself with a handgun.

The husband chased the invader throughout the house and fired twice.  The criminal was shot in the foot.  Jimmy Garrett, who was just released from prison less than a month earlier, was arrested after he was treated at a Talladega, Alabama hospital. Continue reading

Woman’s Loud Scream and a Loaded .357 Save Her [video]

On May 16th, shortly before 5 am, Betty Collins was disturbed at home by someone trying to break into her home In Toledo, Ohio.  A loud scream put the would-be robber in his place – especially when she backed up that scream with a loaded .357 revolver. Continue reading