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Cleveland Man Saves Fiancée, Children and Nieces from Armed Invaders [video]

Johnny Bridges is being declared a hero in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio.  Johnny looked out the window when his fiancée Jacquella Lattimore was taking four children to camp.  He saw two gunmen trying to force her back into the house.

Johnny Bridges - neighborhood hero

Johnny Bridges – neighborhood hero

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Firearm Stops Attacker Who Ignored Restraining Order

Robert Vann Marshall was in jail for threatening to kill his wife and children.  A restraining order was issued against him.  His decision to ignore the restraining order and attach his wife was a bad decision.

On July 6, eleven minutes after being released from jail, his wife was talking to a 911 operator saying Robert was breaking into her McMinn County house in Tennessee and trying to kill her.  She retreated to a bedroom in the back of the house to try and escape from him. Continue reading