Monthly Archives: August 2013

Armed Robbers Shot While Executing Holdup [video]

On Sunday evening, August 4th, at 7 pm, two armed robbers approached a man who was washing his car at his Buffalo, New York home. While they were robbing the homeowner, they missed seeing the NRA decal on the car’s rear window. They also underestimated their victim – after all, this is New York State and very few people are armed. Continue reading

Man Stands His Ground and Prevents Robbery at Family Jewelry Store [video]

Two armed men entered the Kennedy Jewelry Store in Chattanooga, Tennessee, just before closing time on Monday, August 5th. One of the would-be robbers opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle.The man with the rifle wore a “Scream” mask and the other man had a crowbar wrapped in a towel, probably for smashing the display cases, but he did not get a chance to use it. Continue reading

Gun Packing Wife Saves Husband at Denny’s [video]

On Thursday, August 8 at 4 in the morning, six gunman walked into a Denny’s restaurant and forced a man to the floor. The proceeded to rob him of jewelry.

His wife came out of the bathroom. Since she had a concealed carry permit and had her firearm on her person, she and the six gunmen exchanged fire. The gunmen fled, taking with them an undisclosed amount of jewelry. Continue reading

Armed Home Invader Shot Dead by Tenant in San Antonio Texas [video]

Three armed men invaded the home in San Antonio, Texas around 3 am on July 30. The men pounded on the door of the apartment and Dmitri Brown refused to let them in.

The armed intruders broke down the door and one of them held Dmitri by the throat on the floor. They attempted to steal jewelry and Dmitri managed to get his gun and shot at the man who had grabbed his throat, killing him. Continue reading