Man Stands His Ground and Prevents Robbery at Family Jewelry Store [video]

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Two armed men entered the Kennedy Jewelry Store in Chattanooga, Tennessee, just before closing time on Monday, August 5th. One of the would-be robbers opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle.The man with the rifle wore a “Scream” mask and the other man had a crowbar wrapped in a towel, probably for smashing the display cases, but he did not get a chance to use it.

One of the Kennedy family members was in a back room in the store when the shooting started.He grabbed his 9mm pistol and engaged the robbers.The armed men fled and one of them was captured shortly after by police.The police also found the rifle.

Once again, a good man with a gun prevented a robbery and saved lives.The family business reopened the following morning after the shattered glass was cleaned up. | Chattanooga News, Weather


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