Armed Female Saves the Day

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On Saturday, March 22nd, Jamail Koroma thought he found some easy prey he could rob in the bowels of DART, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit underground.  He was correct about his target, a woman all alone.  He threatened the woman with a gun and ordered her to give him her bag.  They briefly struggled and the robber got his hands on her cash.

What happened next was unexpected.  A woman witness to this struggle happened to have a concealed weapons permit.  She drew her pistol and told the perp to drop his weapon.  He fled with the money and was later captured by the police.

A good woman Samaritan with a gun prevented any further injury.  The nearly didn’t happen.  The woman had a permit for three years and this was the first time she carried her firearm due to “women’s intuition.”

I would bet she will be carrying her pistol more often in the future.

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