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Woman Successfully Defends Herself with a Firearm in Goldsboro, N.C.

On August 7th, at 4:30 in the morning, Paige Ham heard noises outside her home in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She decided to see if anyone was stealing her belongings. A roommate dialed 911 and then Paige went outside with her firearm.

Chris Brogden stormed out of her shed towards her and she fired in self-defense. After the police arrived, the perp was taken to the hospital. When he is released he will be looking at burglary charges.

Once again, a good woman with a gun saved herself from harm. This proves that a firearm can save you from harm or even save your life. It also proves that dialing 911 (even before an encounter with a criminal) allows the police only to pick up the criminal after they have been stopped.

The good news is that Paige will not be charged.