Burglary Stopped by Homeowner with Shotgun

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On October 29th, two women were attempting to break into a home on Rolling Rapids Road in the town of Atascocita, Texas. The two would-be burglars were throwing rocks at windows in the house in attempt to gain entry.

The homeowner dialed 911 and reported that two females were breaking into his home. They continued their entry by reaching in through the window and entering the home. The homeowner answered with his shotgun and stopped the burglary.

A woman buckled down on the floor and the other left and then dropped on a nearby lawn. The police finally arrived and took the two perps to the hospital.

Once again, a good guy with a gun was able to stop a crime and protect his life and property.

The two women may not be able to continue their life of crime as one of them will probably lose their arm and the other has a spinal injury that may confine her to a wheelchair. This shows that police are very good at cleaning up after a crime has been committed and individuals must be responsible for their own safety.

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