Former CNN Family with a CCW Saves Lives

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On July 1st, Lynne Russell, a former CNN anchor and her husband Chuck de Caro, a former CNN correspondent were in a motel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lynne stepped out of the room and was forced back into the room by an armed man. Once in the room, the robber threw her onto the bed, demanded their valuables and went to get Chuck’e briefcase.

As the perp started to leave he turned around and started firing his gun. Chuck has a CCW license and had drawn his firearm. Both Chuck and the robber shot at each other. Chuck was rushed to the hospital with three bullet wounds while the perp lay outside waiting for the coroner.

Lynne said “He came over, grabbed the briefcase, and I thought for a moment he was just going to leave because he had something. Then he turned around and he opened fire. My husband returned fire. And he’s a better shot.” Lynne also has a CCW permit but left her firearm in the motel room because she was just stepping out to get something from their vehicle.

Chuck is spending a couple of days recovering from his wounds. Once again a good guy with a gun (who shoots more accurately than the criminal) saved the lives of his wife and himself. This also is an example of why you should always carry your firearm if you have a CCW permit.


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