Young Boy Stops Armed Home Invasion with a Shotgun

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Lamar Brown and Ira Bennett made a bad choice when they tried to invade a home in Ladson, South Carolina. They tried to break into the home through the back door, but an alert 13-year-old retrieved his mother’s shotgun and exchanged fire with one of the suspects.

Ira, a 28-year-old, Drove Lamar, a 31-year-old, to the local hospital, dropped him off and sped away. Brown did not survive his wounds and Bennett was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon in the commission of a crime and first-degree burglary.

Since both men had huge crime histories, I am surprised that they were not charged with Felons in possession of a firearm under federal charges.

It is interesting to note that the 13-year-old had not been trained to use a firearm, so he was lucky that the ammunition was not locked up with the firearm. A good youngster with a gun stopped a possible deadly home invasion.

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