Restaurant Employee Foils Armed Robbery [VIDEO]

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Money wasn’t on the menu when a masked man strolled into Captain Max Seafood in Miramar, Florida, on the day before Christmas and pulled out a gun. He argued with the employee who didn’t hand over the cash. Instead, the brave employee pulled out his firearm and stopped the robbery by firing several shots.

Unfortunately the would-be robber died at the scene. Tania Rues, the Miramar Police spokesperson, confirmed that the employee fired several shots and the suspect had reached room temperature as a result. It is unknown if the robber had fired his firearm first and an investigation will have to determine how the attempted robbery went down.

Tania continued:

“Luckily, only the suspect was hurt, but there are other situations where innocent bystanders could have been hurt as well. We would hope that people do not take the situation into their own hands.”

This is really strange to hear from a police department in Florida where the “Castle Doctrine” was won as a right to self-defense. Evidently the employee was trained, had control over his firearm and hit only the robber. No one else was injured.

Once again a good guy with a gun stopped a crime. He also probably saved some lives, because most criminals are lousy shots.

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