A Good Gal with a Gun Makes Burglars Beat It and She Didn’t Need to Pull the Trigger

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Four men made the mistake of choosing the wrong house in a burglary attempt. Three of the four alleged burglars with hoodies and backpacks approached the door of the home while another one hid in some bushes. A woman inside called the sheriff. Someone who just happened to be going by also called and reported the three men with one in the bushes.

The woman answered the door with a firearm in hand. Even though one of them probably had a large knife, they might have thought of the old adage “never bring a knife to a gunfight”. They ran, hopped in a white SUV and hightailed it into the sunset. (I know, it was around 10 am, but the “into the sunset” definitely goes with “gunfight” and hightailed”.)

They didn’t get too far as the Sheriff Department’s Lieutenant Jackie Lewis stopped the SUV and found the four along with “several backpacks, masks, a large knife, and marijuana.” Burglary tools were also found. The four were booked into the Caddo Correctional Center.

Once again a good gal with a gun stopped criminals without firing a shot!

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