Mother-Daughter Tag Team Stop an Armed Robber (Video)

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A mother and her daughter joined up to protect themselves and their store from a person who entered the store with a shotgun and demanded their money. Tyrone Lee, who is 36, probably didn’t expect to get any resistance.

The mother, Tina Ring, responded by retrieving her firearm and shot the perp several times. He also shot at her but missed. Despite being hit, he attacks the mother, wrestles the gun out of her hands and pistol whips her.

The daughter, Ashley Lee, shoots him and he flees from the store.

The Daily Mail reported:

The would-be thief reportedly drove himself to a local hospital where he was put into a medically induced coma.

Tina suffered a gash to the head, which required staples.

They continued:

Sergeant Brandon Watkins, of the Tulsa Police Department, identified Tyrone Lee, 36, as the alleged attacker and said he is suspected of carrying out several other armed robberies in the area.

A couple of good women with guns stopped their attacker.

Watch the video below to see it all happen.

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