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A Good Guy with a Gun Saves Clerk’s Life

On Sunday, March 13, a masked man began attacking people inside a 7-Eleven in White Center, Washington with a hatchet. When he missed a customer, he went after the clerk, giving him a stomach injury. Continue reading

Armed Man Prevents Bodily Harm by Stopping Two Racially-Motivated Attackers

On June 28th, Erick Paula, a Fairfield, Illinois resident and CCW holder, was cut off the road at 3:30 am by a black SUV. Two men exited the vehicle and challenged Erick to a fistfight. The two thugs were warned that they were about to attack someone who had a concealed firearm, but they told Erick to put down his weapon and fight. Continue reading

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Saves Woman from Death [video]

On Tuesday, March 12, Charlie Blackmore, formerly a member of the United States Marine Corps saw a women being severely beaten and kicked on a sidewalk in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Luckily for the woman, Charlie had a concealed weapon permit and was carrying a firearm on his person. Continue reading

Farmer Stops Fugitive Who Threatened to Kill Him [video]

On Thursday, March 7, 2013, a 42-year-old fugitive from Iowa made his way to Wellington, Kansas and decided to hide in woods among some feed sacks.  He was running from the police who were chasing him.

He made the mistake of threatening to kill a farmer.  Joseph L. Lamasters, of Creston, Iowa will not be running from the law any more.  In fact, he will not be able to threaten to kill anyone anymore as the farmer shot him.  The fugitive assumed room temperature shortly after.

The farmer protected himself and his family.  Sheriff Darren Chambers commented “I hate to see him in this position, but he did what he felt like he had to do. He wanted to protect his family.”

Stopped with a Firearm: Naked Man Chokes Dog, Attacks Homeowner [Video]

At 5:30 am in the Morning of January 2nd, a homeowner in Miami, Florida heard his dogs barking and discovered a naked man choking one of his Rottweilers.  He homeowner tried to get the attention of the naked man, but was attacked.

The homeowner fired at the naked man and hit him in the leg.  The seemingly-crazed naked man was held for the police by the homeowner and then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Continue reading