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A Good Gal with a Gun Makes Burglars Beat It and She Didn’t Need to Pull the Trigger

Four men made the mistake of choosing the wrong house in a burglary attempt. Three of the four alleged burglars with hoodies and backpacks approached the door of the home while another one hid in some bushes. A woman inside called the sheriff. Someone who just happened to be going by also called and reported the three men with one in the bushes.

The woman answered the door with a firearm in hand. Even though one of them probably had a large knife, they might have thought of the old adage “never bring a knife to a gunfight”. They ran, hopped in a white SUV and hightailed it into the sunset. (I know, it was around 10 am, but the “into the sunset” definitely goes with “gunfight” and hightailed”.) Continue reading

Young Boy Stops Armed Home Invasion with a Shotgun

Lamar Brown and Ira Bennett made a bad choice when they tried to invade a home in Ladson, South Carolina. They tried to break into the home through the back door, but an alert 13-year-old retrieved his mother’s shotgun and exchanged fire with one of the suspects. Continue reading

Pistol Packing Pastor Protects Church

Lee Marvin Blue, a 27-year old man decided to steal some electronics from the Church of New Beginnings in Baytown, Texas on July 28th. What burglary target could there be that a church at 6 am? Lee broke down the door to the church and went inside. All was going as planned and he was walking out with an armload of electronics when the unexpected (on Lee’s part that is) happened. Continue reading

Burglary Stopped by Homeowner with Shotgun

On October 29th, two women were attempting to break into a home on Rolling Rapids Road in the town of Atascocita, Texas. The two would-be burglars were throwing rocks at windows in the house in attempt to gain entry.

The homeowner dialed 911 and reported that two females were breaking into his home. They continued their entry by reaching in through the window and entering the home. The homeowner answered with his shotgun and stopped the burglary. Continue reading

Woman Successfully Defends Herself with a Firearm in Goldsboro, N.C.

On August 7th, at 4:30 in the morning, Paige Ham heard noises outside her home in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She decided to see if anyone was stealing her belongings. A roommate dialed 911 and then Paige went outside with her firearm.

Chris Brogden stormed out of her shed towards her and she fired in self-defense. After the police arrived, the perp was taken to the hospital. When he is released he will be looking at burglary charges.

Once again, a good woman with a gun saved herself from harm. This proves that a firearm can save you from harm or even save your life. It also proves that dialing 911 (even before an encounter with a criminal) allows the police only to pick up the criminal after they have been stopped.

The good news is that Paige will not be charged.

Grandmother Stops Burglar Saves Lives with .357 Mag at Age 72

Jan Cooper’s Rottweiler was barking in her Anaheim at 1:30 am on June 9th.  Grabbing a .357 magnum revolver she saw a man on her porch trying to get in.  She dialed 911 for help.

357 Magnum Revolver

357 Magnum Revolver

Continue reading

Man with AR-15 Stops Burglary at Gas Station

On May 1st at around 4:10 in the morning two masked men broke into a gas station located in Shingleton, Michigan.  As they attempted to go for the cash register, they were met by Shawn Schank, the owner of the station.  Shawn, who happens to be an Iraq War veteran, kicked one of the men and managed to retrieve his AR-15. Continue reading

Burglar Killed While Hitting the Same Place Twice [video]

On Tuesday, March 12th, the police received a call from a homeowner in Albertville, Alabama.  The police saw Jamison Lynn Lacey lying dead from a shotgun blast to the chest.

The homeowner had a problem with someone breaking into his rental property, damaging doors and stealing various items.  He decided to move into the house.  One night, someone broke down the door and entered the house.  The homeowner fired one blast from a shotgun, killing the intruder. Continue reading

Veteran in Georgia Protects Himself with a Pistol [video]

Mark Sikes is a veteran of the Korean War that is in a wheelchair.  On January 23rd he exercised one of the rights he fought to preserve.

A man dressed in black broke down Mark’s door.  When Mark heard the noise he retrieved his 9mm pistol.

Mark Sikes goes for his pistol

When confronted with the firearm, the burglar fled the house, located in Bogart, Georgia.  The Athens-Clarke County Police were still looking for the intruder who apparently had a car waiting outside. Continue reading

Homeowner Shoots Two Buglars in Two Months

Miodrag Burgarcic shot an armed burglar who broke into his home on November 21, 2012.  The burglar died.  Miodrag acted in self defense and was not charged.

On December 31, another burglar broke into Miodrag’s house.  The homeowner confronted the intruder and held him at gunpoint for police.  The mad threw a lamp at Miodrag and was shot in the arm.  After being treated at the hospital, he was arrested and charged with burglary.

This time, the Cleveland, Ohio District Attorney is still investigating the shooting and has not yet decided to whether charges against the homeowner will be filed.