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Valet with a Concealed Firearm Permit Stops Attack at General Motors Tech Center

On Wednesday, February 10th at around 9:30 am, a 52-year-old employee of the General Motors Tech Center in Warren, Michigan was stabbed in the abdomen, back and neck with a steak knife by a 32-year-old woman who appeared to know her. Didarul Sarder was working for a valet service at the GM facility and stopped the attacker from causing more injury by presenting his firearm, for which he has a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm. Didarul was asked to vacate the premises after saving the woman. Continue reading

Firearm Stops Attacker Who Ignored Restraining Order

Robert Vann Marshall was in jail for threatening to kill his wife and children.  A restraining order was issued against him.  His decision to ignore the restraining order and attach his wife was a bad decision.

On July 6, eleven minutes after being released from jail, his wife was talking to a 911 operator saying Robert was breaking into her McMinn County house in Tennessee and trying to kill her.  She retreated to a bedroom in the back of the house to try and escape from him. Continue reading

Mother Defends Two Daughters and Herself from Attacker

Earnest Gonzales went to his ex-girlfriend’s home and tried to kick in the door.  He left as soon as police were called.  He waited until two in the morning, threatened to kill her and her children, broke open the door and started beating her and her two daughters – age 16 and a newborn baby.

She managed to retrieve her legally-owned .380 pistol and then shot Gonzales, her attacker.  He collapsed outside where police found him.  He died at a hospital. Continue reading