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Homeowner Who Was Stabbed Stops Accused Murderer Dead in His Tracks

On March 10 at 4 in the morning in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Rafael McCloud broke into the garage of an unidentified couple. He restrained the couple and wound up stabbing the husband. Sometime later, the husband must have managed to work loose from his bindings and retrieve a firearm. Continue reading

Young Boy Stops Armed Home Invasion with a Shotgun

Lamar Brown and Ira Bennett made a bad choice when they tried to invade a home in Ladson, South Carolina. They tried to break into the home through the back door, but an alert 13-year-old retrieved his mother’s shotgun and exchanged fire with one of the suspects. Continue reading

San Mateo, CA Man Stops Home Invasion

Shortly before midnight, in the evening of September 4th three armed men broke into a Lodi Avenue home in San Mateo.  A gunfight ensued and one of the five people who were at the home protected the residents by returning fire. Continue reading

Armed Home Invader Shot Dead by Tenant in San Antonio Texas [video]

Three armed men invaded the home in San Antonio, Texas around 3 am on July 30. The men pounded on the door of the apartment and Dmitri Brown refused to let them in.

The armed intruders broke down the door and one of them held Dmitri by the throat on the floor. They attempted to steal jewelry and Dmitri managed to get his gun and shot at the man who had grabbed his throat, killing him. Continue reading

Cleveland Man Saves Fiancée, Children and Nieces from Armed Invaders [video]

Johnny Bridges is being declared a hero in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio.  Johnny looked out the window when his fiancée Jacquella Lattimore was taking four children to camp.  He saw two gunmen trying to force her back into the house.

Johnny Bridges - neighborhood hero

Johnny Bridges – neighborhood hero

Continue reading

Youth Protects Family With Firearm – In New York City!

New York City has Draconian gun laws, so when two armed criminals broke into the Canarsie, Brooklyn home on June 3rd, there were no weapons the homeowners could use to defend themselves.  The home invasion did not turn out the way the perps had planned.

The armed men, one dressed in a uniform similar to a FedEx employee, ordered two of the occupants to lie on the floor.  One of the invaders started to enter a bedroom where a 10-year-old boy was hiding and that was his mistake. Continue reading

Talladega Resident Wounds Sex Offender in Home Invasion

On May 16 at around 4 am a registered sex offender broke into a home and startled a woman who saw him in the kitchen.  She yelled for her husband who armed himself with a handgun.

The husband chased the invader throughout the house and fired twice.  The criminal was shot in the foot.  Jimmy Garrett, who was just released from prison less than a month earlier, was arrested after he was treated at a Talladega, Alabama hospital. Continue reading

Intruder Picks Wrong House in Colorado on April First

April 1st is commonly called April Fools Day and an intruder proved that to be true when he broke into a house in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado.  The wife called 911 and reported a person was outside “behaving very erratically.”

Shortly before midnight the person forced his way into the home before the police could arrive.  Both the husband and wife opened fire and shot the intruder.  The perp died. Continue reading

Armed Citizen in Philadelphia Thwarts Home Invasion on Easter

Lee Heng was asleep on Easter morning when two men broke through his 2nd story bathroom window of his home in South Philadelphia.  While his two children slept, Lee fought with the men until he could break away and retrieve a firearm.

Firing several shots at the suspects stopped the invasion and possibly saved the lives of his children and himself.  One invader was found dead at the scene.  The other person was seen running away from the scene on a surveillance video. Continue reading

Armed Citizen Stops Armed Felon Fleeing From Police

Quintonio White was on the Most Wanted list of Daytona Beach Florida.  On Friday, February 15th, he was spotted in a stolen car by undercover officers.  Unfortunately for the officers, Quintonio saw them, crashed into their unmarked car and took off. Continue reading