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Good Guy with a Gun Stops Massacre in Oklahoma (Video)

As we all know firearms are used over 2 million times a year to prevent a crime. However these successes are rarely reported by the media (it isn’t sensational and doesn’t fit their narrative). Here is one that was reported. We really need national reciprocity and crime will continue to go down as it has over the last 20 years where murders have been reduced by 50% because of increase in concealed carry. Continue reading

Good guy with a CCW saves lives of adults and children in Philadelphia, PA

A person in the Falah Barber Shop on Preston Street in Philadelphia started fighting with another customer. The aggressor, age 40, pulled out a firearm and started shooting at the barbers and customers which included some children.

Upon hearing shots, a man who was outside the barber shop ran in, presented his firearm and hit center mass of the perpetrator with a single shot, stopping the attack. The perp died after being taken to a hospital.

Amazingly, no one else in the barber shop was shot. This good guy with a gun saved the day and many lives.

NBC10 in Philadelphia talked with Yusaf Mack, age 16:

“I heard gunshots so I ducked and I ran… He [the good guy] just shot him and when he was done shooting he ran.”

The man who saved everyone’s lives later turned himself into the police where it was determined he had a permit to carry a concealed firearm. In all likelihood, he will not be charged, citing self-defense.

Once again a good guy with a gun saved lives.

Columbus Ohio Woman Defends Her Child with a Concealed Firearm – video

Evidently Kevin Hayden and his thug friends had been harassing some people. The mother of one such young child target was becoming more and more concerned about the escalating harassment and obtained a CCW permit. Hayden had also broken into her home on a previous occasion. Continue reading

Theater Security Guard Thwarts Mass Casualties in Movie Theater

Jesus Manuel Garcia worked with his girlfriend at the China Garden Restaurant.  Some time after she broke up with him, he sent her a text that he was going to the restaurant and shoot somebody.

She was not working at the time.  When she read the text on the evening of December 16th, Garcia was already shooting through the door of the China Garden in South San Antonio. Continue reading

Oregon Mall Shooting Stopped by Man Carrying a Concealed Firearm [Video]

The Clackamas Town Center shooter in Oregon was stopped by a person who was legally licensed to carry a concealed firearm.  Nick Meli was carrying a Glock 22, .40 caliber pistol.

As soon as the shooting started, he pulled out his concealed firearm and trained it on the shooter.  The shooter made eye contact with Nick and decided to take his own life rather than be stopped in his tracks by a concerned citizen. Continue reading

Armed Citizen Saves Policeman’s Life

On Sunday, August 26, 2012, Charles Conner shot and killed two of his neighbors and their dogs with a firearm.  Sergeant Steven Means responded to the call reporting the shooting.  He was fired upon as soon as he left his police car.

Means took cover behind his cruiser and returned fire with his AR-15.  He was unable to get a clear shot on Conner as Conner was behind a tree with a better sight advantage.

A neighbor, Vic Stacy, armed himself and went outside.  He saw Sergeant Means was pinned down and he moved to a spot where he had an opportunity to shoot Conner in the thigh from 165 yards.  Conner was distracted and was shot by Stacy three more times from that distance. Continue reading