Good Guys with Semiautomatic Rifles Prevent Businesses from Burning in Ferguson

A group of good guys named the Oath Keepers volunteered their services and perched themselves on the roofs of businesses during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Businesses all around them were in flames, but the blocks where the Oath Keepers were guarding did not have a single Molotov cocktail thrown at them.

The Oath Keepers are comprised of ex-military and ex-law enforcement and provide free protection for businesses. They were armed with semiautomatic rifles and withstood the cold and snow in order to keep the businesses and their owners safe. The local police even thanked them for keeping the areas free of rioter destruction. The Oath Keepers did not even need to fire so much as a single shot to achieve the peace. Continue reading

Columbus Ohio Woman Defends Her Child with a Concealed Firearm – video

Evidently Kevin Hayden and his thug friends had been harassing some people. The mother of one such young child target was becoming more and more concerned about the escalating harassment and obtained a CCW permit. Hayden had also broken into her home on a previous occasion. Continue reading

Teen Gang Members Stopped By Concealed Carry – video

In early September a group of six teenage gang members have been arrested in the attempted robbery of group of adults. The robbery attempt by this group is their last for quite a while.

One of the adults happened to have a concealed firearm and used it to thwart the attack, killing one of the youth. This group of teenage thugs has been suspected of a rash of robberies. Continue reading

Burglary Stopped by Homeowner with Shotgun

On October 29th, two women were attempting to break into a home on Rolling Rapids Road in the town of Atascocita, Texas. The two would-be burglars were throwing rocks at windows in the house in attempt to gain entry.

The homeowner dialed 911 and reported that two females were breaking into his home. They continued their entry by reaching in through the window and entering the home. The homeowner answered with his shotgun and stopped the burglary. Continue reading

Armed Crooks In PA Capitol Stopped By Congressman

From my home state of Pennsylvania, we have crooks in Harrisburg that attempted to rob a pair of congressmen at 11 pm Tuesday, October 14th. One of the robbers pointed a gun at Representative Ryan Bizzarro of Erie and Representative Marty Flynn pulled out his S&W Bodyguard 380 pistol, which was concealed in the small of his back. Continue reading

Four Armed Robbers Stopped – Good Guy May Be In Trouble

Four armed robbers, who were possible suspects in an earlier armed robbery of a gas station, decided to increase their wealth by entering EJ’s Place in Houston, TX. They were stopped by a patron who often stays late to safely accompany female bartenders to their cars. Continue reading

Robbers Lose Gunfight at Gas Station in Canton, Ohio

On Monday, September 22nd, three masked and armed robbers entered a gas station in Canton, Ohio, intent on robbing the place. They should have chosen another place. During the robbery attempt there was a shootout which was their second mistake.

The clerk stopped the robbery and was shot in the legs. Two of the robbers were found dead outside the store while the third one was still missing. The two dead robbers had previous convictions and one of them was a felon in illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Once again, a good guy with a gun stops the bad guys.

Gun Owner Stops Muslim from Beheading More Company Employees

Nolen_FB5-JahKeem YisraelAlton Nolen, who goes by the name of Jah’Keem Yisrael after his conversion to the Islam faith, was known at his job as a person who tried to convert other people to Islam. He also advocated stoning women for various offences. He was recently fired from his job at Vaughan Foods, returned to work with a knife and beheaded a woman employee.

He started stabbing a second woman when Mark Vaughan took his firearm and shot Alton three times, stopping the horrific attack. If it were not for Mark’s bravery, there is no guess as to how many more women Alton could have beheaded.

Alton was taken to the hospital and will be arrested and charged once he regains consciousness. His Facebook page had pictures of jihadists and he had written pro-terrorist statements on his account. Police have called this workplace violence, but the FBI is investigating.

Once again, a good guy with a gun has managed to limit the number of deaths in a brutal attack. The woman who was stabbed was expected to recover as of this writing.

Woman Successfully Defends Herself with a Firearm in Goldsboro, N.C.

On August 7th, at 4:30 in the morning, Paige Ham heard noises outside her home in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She decided to see if anyone was stealing her belongings. A roommate dialed 911 and then Paige went outside with her firearm.

Chris Brogden stormed out of her shed towards her and she fired in self-defense. After the police arrived, the perp was taken to the hospital. When he is released he will be looking at burglary charges.

Once again, a good woman with a gun saved herself from harm. This proves that a firearm can save you from harm or even save your life. It also proves that dialing 911 (even before an encounter with a criminal) allows the police only to pick up the criminal after they have been stopped.

The good news is that Paige will not be charged.