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GS2AC Meeting Thursday April 24th

No-host dinner starts at 6PM Meeting at 7PM.

Meeting is held at Harry’s Hofbrau, 390 Saratoga Ave. in San Jose.

Directions:   From Hwy 280  take the Saratoga Ave Exit.  Go 3  blocks north and Harry’s is on the right.

California State Senator Leland Yee Arrested for Gunrunning!

Armed Female Saves the Day

City, City Bang, Bang

City Watch Groups Forming – Training

Courts Refuse to Stay Sunnyvale Ban on Magazines of More Than 10 Rounds

Active Targets for Gun Control Local Ordinances and Ballot Measures

2014 Silicon Valley Friends of NRA Dinner Friday, May 2

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Shoots Down California’s Concealed Carry Restrictions !!!!!

National Guard Being Trained to Fight Second Amendment Supporters

New York Anti-Gunner Carries Firearm Into School

NRA Forces Gun Control Celebs Out of The Closet!

Matthew Bracken Books Available for Free

Gunfacts 6.2 is now available!

Our friend and GS2AC member Guy Smith has just finished V6.2 of the best book out there that debunks all the gun control myths. You cannot find the wealth of information in any other publication at any price. Best of all, the book is available in three different print sizes for FREE!

Store Manager Saves Employees

End of Year Meeting….. Garand Winner Announced!

online poll by Opinion Stage

EPA Rules Cause Last Primary Lead Smelter in USA to Shut Down

Sunnyvale Measure C Passes – What This May Mean For You

Help Defeat Sunnyvale Measure C Anti-Gun Laws

Proof the United Nations Has Been Working for Over 50 Years to Grab Guns in the United States

2013 California Firearms-Related Legislation: End of Session Report

Governor Brown Signs and Vetoes Gun Laws

Important Legislation Sent to Governor Brown



Would You Believe Obama Voted for Stand Your Ground Legislation?

John Lott Jr. decimates the Brady Campaign in a Debate

Los Gatos Enacts Draconian Firearms Permit Process

Senator Dianne Feinstein says criminals steal guns to commit crimes

Calguns Wins and Gets Check from Merced County for Over $9K

Join The President

(of the GS2AC)

at the 2013 Gun Rights Policy Conference !

Houston, TX – Sept 27, 28 and 29th

El Presidente has already made his reservation for the GRPC… You need to come too! Entertainment plans include renting an old Cadillac and running over armadillo’s on the highway! You won’t get this anywhere else !

Anti Gun Lobbyist Endorses Assault Rifle Use

Burglar Killed While Hitting the Same Place Twice

Police Say You Are On Your Own With a Home Invasion

Anti Gun Lobbyist Endorses Assault Rifle Use

Los Gatos Gun Ban Advocates Threaten to Kill Gun Store Owner at Home

Shovel Ready Project to Build an AK-47

San Jose Police Officer Sets the Record Straight Concerning Assault Rifles

Attention Amazon buyers!

If you want the good pricing from Amazon and a chance to help Calguns click on the Amazon logo in the right-had bar of our website. Amazon will receive up to 15% of the purchase and it will not cost you a single cent! You can also use this link to help Calguns when you shop on Amazon:


Peter Taussig

See the video of Peter’s presentation plus the Q&A section that followed.


Ann Coulter on the death of Trayvon Martin

California is a stand your ground state

The Battle of Athens.
Not of Greek antiquity.  Not of WWII.
But of a small American town in 1946.
Who overturned a violent and corrupt political machine.
And whose success was only possible,
Through the use of armed force

Guaranteed by the right to keep and bear arms.


Second Amendment Foundation receives a $12K check from City of Omaha

Alan Gottlieb holds $12,000 check from the City of Omaha

Ronald Joseph Ruscigno

Ronald Joseph Ruscigno

The Golden State Second Amendment Council honors a long-time member Ronald Joseph Ruscigno.  Ronald passed away Friday, January 27, 2012.  Our condolences go out to his family.

Ron was one of the early members of our organization and a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. We will miss his participation greatly.

Second Amendment Foundation gets check from the City of Chicago for $399,950!

Daughter disses parents on Facebook – Father shoots laptop and posts on Facebook

Second Amendment Organizations

  • Seconf Amendment Foundation Seconf Amendment Foundation
  • Gun Owners of California Gun Owners of California
  • Calguns Calguns
  • Gun Owners of America Gun Owners of America
  • National Rifle Association National Rifle Association
  • Firearms-Policy-Coalition Firearms-Policy-Coalition

Gun Shops

  • Kerley's Hunting and Outfitting Kerley's Hunting and Outfitting Kerley's Hunting and Outfitting
  • Templar Sports Templar Sports Templar Sports
  • Bay Area Gun Vault Bay Area Gun Vault Bay Area Gun Vault
  • City Arms City Arms City Arms
  • U.S. Firearms Co. U.S. Firearms Co. U.S. Firearms Co.

Shooting Ranges

  • SV Rod & Gun Club SV Rod & Gun Club
  • Coyote Valley Sporting Clays Coyote Valley Sporting Clays
  • Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club
  • Metcalf Shooting Range Metcalf Shooting Range
  • Target Masters West - Milpias Target Masters West - Milpias

5 Responses to GS2AC

  1. Fred Buchanan says:

    I would like more info on how to become a member of the GS2AC.
    Please tell me the dates of the meetings for the rest of the year.

  2. Michael Raabe says:

    I’ve been a bit to busy lately, but wanted to find out if there is a meeting in november?
    As I recall we don’t meet in december, and do we meet starting again in january?
    Hope all is well.

  3. Fred Hoot says:

    Yes, Mark, there is a meeting on November 14th.
    It is our last meeting of the year and there are a lot of exciting things that will be happening, as well as two free drink tickets.
    The meeting starts at 7 pm, but I recommend getting there by 6 for a no-host dinner.

  4. Ed Okulove says:

    I just wanted to say hi to the members and friends at GS2AC. For those of you that don’t know, I moved to Central Oregon. After living in the Socialist Republic of California for most of my life, it has been a breath of fresh air(literally and figuratively). Rush hour traffic here is like driving in San Jose at 1:00 in the morning, the people are friendly and helpful(even when they find out I’m from California)lol.
    Ammo supply’s here are getting back to normal and the prices are better than in California, plus we don’t have sales tax. The best thing of all is that when I purchase a pistol or any number of pistols, I get to walk out of the gun shop with it right after I pay for it.
    I was also able to apply for and receive my concealed carry permit. The Sheriff here is very pro second amendment.
    However, I do miss all my friends and the monthly GS2AC and SRGC dinner meetings. I wish I could be there to try to win that Garrand !
    Just wanted to say hi and wish you all the best. Keep up the good fight.
    Ed Okulove

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