Handgun Purchases May Be Eliminated In California

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Someday in the near future you may go to your favorite gun store to find they no longer can sell any handguns. They may have a few in their display cases, but those “unsafe” handguns are only available for law enforcement. Even worse, they may be closed, unable to remain a viable business by not being able to sell handguns to law-abiding citizens.

If you are one of the people who don’t believe it could ever happen, you are totally wrong. With the impending possibility of Prop 63 (Gunmageddon) making ammunition harder to obtain for law-abiding citizens and putting gun stores in a position on getting ammunition sales licenses for every employee, a lack of handgun sales will drive many, if not all, gun shops out of business.

Do you want proof? OK, here it is.

Current Handguns on the Safe List

There are currently only 770 handgun models available for sale in California. Many of these models are minor variations, such as finish. Why are there so little handgun models available?

Recently Removed

Well, 1226 handguns have been recently removed from the “safe” handgun list by the CA DOJ! This list is 59 pages long and is going to be growing.

Soon To Be Removed

If you look at the “approved to be safe” handgun list, most of those may be dropped on January 1, 2017. Yes, that leaves a little over 2 months at the time this article was written. A total of 682 handguns will probably be declared as “unsafe” and removed from the last.

That will leave just 88 handgun models on the list. Guess when these will be removed? If you guessed January 1, 2018, you will be correct.


Do you remember that microstamping bill that was passed years ago? The liberal California legislators said not to worry as the microstamping would have to be made available before it would be required. They lied.

A single company had a demonstration of microstamping that still doesn’t work well and is extremely expensive to add to the firearm manufacturing process. That announcement triggered the microstamping requirement in order for a handgun to be sold in California.

Not a single manufacturer is even considering adopting the essentially non-existent microstamping technology. Since they can’t make the microstamping work, their handguns will not be able to be sold.

Recently Added Handgun Models

You may ask “What about the Recently Added Handgun Models list that the CA DOJ has on their web site? If you look at that list, you will find a single page. Don’t strain your eyes trying to find the handgun models recently added. There are NO HANDGUNS on the recently added list – not one!


What about the exemptions? Let’s look at the CA DOJ Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale web page. They do list some exemptions.

Private party transfers, curio/relic handguns, certain single-action revolvers, and pawn/consignment returns are exempt from this requirement.

So right now, you can buy from another person a handgun model dropped from the CA “safe” list. You still have to go with that person to a gun dealer who has an FFL (Federal Firearms License), go through an FBI background check through the NICS (National Instant background Check System) and wait 10 days before you can pick up your handgun.

We Are Not Safe

Now, I ask you, if a lot of gun dealers are out of business, where are you going to find a dealer with an FFL? Good luck! Remember, if you buy a firearm that is not a curio, you will be breaking the law in buying any firearm without going through an FFL, background check and waiting period.

Even if you can find an FFL holder, you still may not be able to purchase a handgun. All it would take is for California’s Attorney General Kamala D Harris (a self-proclaimed Second Amendment hater) to declare these exemptions invalid, requiring ALL handguns sold or transferred to have microstamping.

Yes, such a change by her would be surely be fought in the courts. BUT, by the time that challenge gets to a trial, the liberal California legislature could push through legislation removing the exemptions.

What to Do

Time and time again I have presented a two-step solution that will work.

  1. Register to vote
  2. Vote against any person that does not support the Second Amendment

After this, you have a responsibility to get other firearm owners to do the same.

If you don’t do this, you are part of the problem. You shouldn’t say you Support the Second Amendment, because you have demonstrated you don’t.

Register to vote.


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