A Bad Day Coming Soon: January 1, 2018

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What follows are the ramblings of my mind, numbed after now 30 years of this fight.

Various things make Jan 1, 2018 a bad day coming soon:

Most know that ammo purchase permits and registration start January 1st, 2018. See the list at CRPA.org/resources, click on useful guides for comprehensive list of implementation dates of Prop 63 and the Gunmaggedon 7 laws from 2016.

Bullet button AR15 type  ‘AWs’ must be registered   UNLESS you retrofit with one of the new mag release gizmos that let you pop the mag out by a lever you can only access when you pull the rear pin and partially lean the upper away from the lower ( which is ‘disassembly of the action’, complying with the new law!) Info on this also in a ‘useful guide’ at CRPA.org/resources.

ALL THE HANDGUNS REMAINING ON (752 today) the Ca ‘safe handgun’ roster must be resubmitted after 5 years on the list. To resubmit all the current list guns must add MICROSTAMPING which we know will never happen. So unless the lawsuit forces an injunction or overturns the Micro stamping requirement the NUMBER OF HANDGUNS AVAILABLE IN CA AS OF JAN 1, 2018 WILL BE ZERO!

People from Various conservative pro-gun groups, including the CA Trump organizations and NRA /CRPA are looking at marketing based ways to reach the 8 million gun owners not registered to focus on turning each Blue Ca Assembly to Red. (Cal80 project).

For all the organizations wanting to reach those unregistered gun owners  there is a mad dash for political technology to do so without using voter registration campaigns, which used to be the best method to reach themselves (as the GOP was paying up to $15 per GOP registered voters as a bounty).

That method of reaching those 8 million gun owning bystanders ceases to exist Jan 1, 2018. There will be no funds available, not because the GOP  will no longer fund the effort, BUT BECAUSE JAN 1, 2018 a Democrat-passed Ca law WILL AUTOMATICALLY ISSUE VOTER REGISTRATION TO EVERYONE WITH A DRIVERS LICENSE OR CA ID! Think about what party that will favor. The law is ‘ supposed to’ not include CA ID issued to non-citizens.

Right, supposedly.

What this all boils down to is the guys/groups with money must create great pro-gun propaganda and market it everywhere.

FOR those of us too poor to buy our way out of this you have time and communication skills, YOU MUST COMMIT AND EDUCATE EVERYONE WE MEET, YOU MUST build your own contact email lists of friends, gun owners and non-gun owners that you can keep informed and demand action of.

BECAUSE reaching and rallying all those 12 million political bystanders ( gun owners and others) and booting out the one-state-party party is only possible by participating, not bitching and moaning, not sitting in meetings of only people that agree with you, nor counting on organizations nor lawsuits.

Not even If you move to one of the Freer States, the One-Party party will follow you, or is already there (such as Nevada 6 years ago ( Henderson, Las Vegas and Reno are now majority Blue party now), New Mexico more recently, many of the warm states are falling, and I don’t do snow).

Remember the New Y2K for gun owners: Starts Jan 1, 2018.

Mike Schrader


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