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Communications Techniques for the Gun Control Debate – by Jeff Klopotic

Politically Corrected Gun Glossary – by Alan Korwin

Study Shows Green Lead-Free Bullets Migrate to the Water Supply – Lead Bullets Do Not.  Tungsten-nylon bullet alternatives were found to enter the water table. – Department Of Defense

List of 2014 Cities Targeted by Santa Clara & San Mateo County Gun Control Local Activists.  Includes links to their model ordinances and groups promoting them, hosted at the Blog site of Golden State Second Amendment Council’s web site. – Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

The Police Chief Magazine article Nov 2013 about the original Project Exile. It is still the only gang violence prevention strategy that works. But few cities want to target the adult gang members supplying the underage gang members with a guarantee of federal prosecution and a prison sentence in a federal prison across the country. The Exile in Project Exile has been a near perfect method of stopping the use of guns in gang violence. Other cities have used similar names but not the guarantee of exile away form their home communities. Eric Holder doesn’t actually prosecute such crimes only supports victim disarmament laws. – Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

Report of the National School Shield Task Force: NRA hired retired Congressman Asa Hutchinson to set up a Blue Ribbon panel of experts to study the problems leading to violence in our schools and what the cures might be. NRA did not have any input, but wanted answers to what happened at Newtown and the erroneous emotional pandering the gun control advocates launched immediately launched. What resulted was a remarkable plan that is being adopted or considered by many schools and cities to actually address the problem. A large file, 225 pages of best research and a plan to address school violence: 15 Megs. – Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

Guy Smiths fully researched and annotated free (download) Gun Facts 6.2 lays out the answers to the Myths perpetrated by the Gun Control folks with solid facts. If you need a guide to arguing the actual facts and have the fully annotated sources to quote this is a great tool. Guy’s research team you will find no more comprehensive information in one place. A large file you can view a screen copy, download a printable copy for your home printer or a publishing quality file, a Spanish version and or purchase a printed copy at Amazon. – Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

Famed pro gun rights researcher Clayton Cramer writes about how ‘causality’ is misused to conclude gun control reduces violence with firearms, or conversely that more guns mean MORE crime. The ‘scientific’ community is it’s most despicable deceit. Here Clayton takes on a study that gets it all backwards, conveniently for what the authors wanted to find: Exploiting Tragedies. – Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

Forbes contributor Larry Bell takes on new guide for gun control folks to use “Emotional Messaging” to combat gun owner’s rights, paid for by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.- Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging: The Guide mentioned above, shouldn’t we know what the arguments and talking points of the other side are? Shouldn’t we use their methods against them?- Submitted by Mike Schrader, GunShot News

NRA-ILA – Attend Town Hall Meetings.

NRA-ILA – College and High School Students Can Get Involved.

NRA-ILA – Effectively Communicating With Your Lawmakers.

NRA-ILA – Elements of Successful Activism.

NRA-ILA – Grassroots Resources Guide.

NRA-ILA – Guidelines For Communicating With The Media.

NRA-ILA – How To Influence Your Elected Officials.

NRA-ILA – Organizing Volunteers – Coordinating Activists For Political Campaigns.

NRA-ILA – Six Steps to Protect Our Second Amendment Rights.

NRA-ILA – Grassroots Development – Start Your Own Grassroots Network.

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