$20 Juniors First Steps class next Saturday January 29th at 10th Street Range

$20 Juniors First Steps class next Saturday January 29th at 10th Street Range

Cost is $20, but they must contact me at scvrcnewjrs@bay2a.com for registration / pre-class instruction before the class. Cutoff will be 8 pm this Friday night.

San Jose Municipal Firing Range
1580 South 10th Street
San Jose, CA


Mike Schrader

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From an SAF email 1/9/2018

BELLEVUE, WA – Attorneys for the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a challenge of an Alameda County, California zoning ordinance that effectively bans gun stores have filed a writ of certiorari seeking review by the Supreme Court of the United States.

The lawsuit was against an Alameda County ordinance that prohibits gun stores from being located within 500 feet of a residential zone. Plaintiffs won before a three-judge panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but that was reversed following an en banc hearing before the full appeals court. Now the case is being appealed to the high court. Continue reading

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GS2AC January 2018 Meeting – Special Guest Speaker Attorney Don Kilmer

 GS2AC 2018  Kickoff … Attorney Don Kilmer  Speaking  January 25th, 2018
Don’t miss the next  meeting of the GS2AC !
We kick off  2018  with a briefing  from our local  2nd Amendment  expert  Don Kilmer.
Don has  long  been involved with cases to defend our  Second Amendment rights.   Here is your chance to hear the latest regarding  gun rights issues  state wide.
No host  dinner  starts at  6PM   Meeting  starts at  7PM
GS2AC  meetings are  held at  Harry’s Hofbrau   390 Saratoga Ave  San Jose.
Directions:   From  Hwy 280  take the Saratoga  Ave  exit…. go  two blocks north… and  Harry’s is on the right.
Bring a  friend !
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Dianne Feinstein Wants to Infringe on Your Second Amendment Rights – Again!

UPDATE – The text of the bill is now available – updated 11/18/2017

Dianne Feinstein is at it again and she may be successful this time if we don’t stop her in her tracks. She has introduced S.2095 which is titled “A bill to regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.”

Just the title of the bill should send shivers down the back of all freedom-loving Americans who cherish the Constitution of the United States. Let’s look at this title a little more closely since, as I write this, the text of the bill has not been released to the public. Continue reading

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Gun Facts version 7.1 now available!

Our very good friend Guy Smith has just released Gun Facts version 7.1! Guy works tirelessly in keeping this invaluable book up to date with REAL research to expose the anti-gun lobby’s lies and evil twists. Best of all, it’s free for download to your computer.

If you want a hard copy, just go to Amazon and buy one for $8.95. You can also donate to to support this great cause; I have!

Guy just let me know in an email: Continue reading

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GS2AC October 2017 Meeting – Gene Hoffman of CalGuns – Grand Prize Drawing

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Speak Up for Turner’s Outdoorsman Store in San Carlos, CA On Monday November 13th, 2017

Turner’s Outdoorsman is California’s #1 hunting, shooting and fishing specialty store with 19 stores in California. They carry archery equipment, sportsman clothing, fishing equipment, hunting supplies and, of course, ammunition and firearms. They have been in California for over 46 years and plan to open a store in San Carlos. They have followed all the federal, state AND local laws, received all the permits and were ready to become a member of San Carlos’ business community.

All of a sudden, San Carlos has second thoughts being goaded brought up by some anti-gun nuts.

Show Up on Monday, November 13th


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We Need Mandatory Universal Background Checks

I have been a staunch opponent of mandatory background checks. I have believed that gun owners should not be subjected to this invasion of their privacy based on nothing more than the suspicion that someone might be a criminal.

But the recent terrorist event in New York has caused me to change my position.

I now publicly recant my position . I now fully support mandatory background checks.

I now join my Liberal brethren. I now see the value of assuming someone is guilty before being proven innocent. I now believe that we must place the burden of proof on the target of suspicion. I now believe that the government must take action to fully scrutinize each individual for the safety of our children and our communities. Continue reading

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South Sacramento Residents Taking Up Arms to Protect Themselves Against Climbing Crime

Residents in the Asian community in South Sacramento Have seen an increase in armed robberies. Home invasions by armed thugs have also surged and people have been turning to firearms to defend their families and homes.

The Fruitridge, Meadowview and Pocket communities have primarily seen this rise in crime.

Realizing that the police usually arrive in time to take the reports, or in worse case, clean up the mess, people like Kent Tran are getting personal protection. He has taken the preliminary steps of installing an alarm system with glass break detectors and beefing up the doors to his house. He has also acquired a firearm. Continue reading

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Help Save Turner’s Outdoorsman Store in San Carlos

CALLING ALL GUN OWNERS! Save Turner’s Gun Store in San Carlos! 7PM Mon. Nov. 13

Here we go again! A sporting goods store gets approval to open its doors and a few well organized anti-gunners are now on a campaign to stop the store from opening.

Far too many gun stores have been forced to close their doors.

We gun owners cannot let another one fall prey to this anti-gun activism! Continue reading

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