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Most Important Legislation!

Updated 10/17/2017 by GS2AC.

(Wording gathered from a CRPA email.)

AB 7 (GIPSON) – Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 13, 2017. Prohibits open carry of unloaded long-guns in unincorporated areas of the state.

AB 424 (MCCARTY) – Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 14, 2017. Removes authority of local school officials to allow on campus carry.

AB 736 (GIPSON) – Senate Appropriations – In committee, held under submission: Act now and contact the Senate Appropriations Committee. Allows the Department of Justice to impose a fine for a violation of firearms licensing requirements committed by a licensed firearms dealer.

AB 1525 (BAKER) – Signed by Governor Jerry Brown October 15, 2017. Requires that firearms packaging must have additional statements on the dangers of owning a gun printed on it.

SB 464 (HILL) – Vetoed by Governor on October 13. Requires firearms dealers to install additional security measures such as concrete pillars and/or vaults and other locking mechanisms for their merchandise.

SB 497 (PORTANTINO) – Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 14, 2017. Limits the sale of firearms to one gun a month per individual (expansion of the current regulation for pistols).

SB 536 (PAN) – Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 14, 2017. Requires the Department of Justice to provide information on gun violence restraining orders to anti-gun organizations such as the Firearm Violence Research Center at the University of California. It will permit the DOJ to cherry-pick who gets what data.

SB 620 (BRADFORD) – Signed by Governor Jerry Brown on October 11, 2017. Gives courts the discretion to NOT issue mandatory sentencing provisions for the use of a firearm while committing a crime.

GOC Current Legislation

This is the legislative component of GOC; our staff is in the legislative halls fighting full-time for gun owner rights, opposing bad bills, supporting good ones, influencing the legislature every day, day in and day out. The united voice of GOC members has successfully defeated attempts by anti-gun groups to impose handgun bans and other restrictive measures designed to disarm our population. It’s tough work in a hostile environment, but we are up for it.

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