CA Legislation

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AB 1609 – Interstate Transfer Restrictions – OPPOSE

Assembly Bill 1609 would impose unnecessary limitations on the transfer of firearms by law-abiding citizens, requiring that all transfers be completed through a California gun dealer, regardless of the circumstances.

AB 1014 – Gun Violence Restraining Orders – OPPOSE

This bill would allow any person to seek a “gun violence restraining order” against another person. A court would be permitted to issue the order based only on a person’s affidavit that “the named person poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself or herself or others by possessing firearms.” If the court is satisfied that the affidavit is correct, then the court can issue an order prohibiting the named person from possessing firearms. This extremely dangerous bill would essentially allow any person to create a firearms prohibition on any other person.

SB 808 – DOJ-Issued Serial Numbers – OPPOSE

Senate Bill 808 would impose heavy restrictions and costly fees on the ability to make, or even assemble a personal firearm.

SB 199 – Airsoft Restrictions – OPPOSE

Senate Bill 199 would ban the sale/transfer of imitation firearms that are not colored, as specified. Congress preempted state law and stated that federal statute would supersede any state or local laws requiring “markings or identification inconsistent with provisions” of the federal statute. 15 U.S.C. §5001(g).

California Legislative Counsel LogoNOTE: All bill summaries above were were not performed by a lawyer familiar with firearms law.  Do not rely on these summaries in lieu of legal advice; consult a lawyer for that purpose.  Additionally, due to future changes in the bills, these descriptions may significantly differ from the most current version of the bill.  Click on the bill number to see current bill status and language from the State of California Legislative Counsel.


2 Responses to CA Legislation

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  2. Concerned Law Abiding citizen says:

    Looking at some of the legislation that has been sent to the Governor to sign is scary.What rights will they try and take from us next. They are manipulating our constitutional rights to the point it is now bordering on communism. For those in disbelief please read Carl Marx Manifesto. Yes history can repeat itself if we do not pay attention to the past. Hitler did not take away the rights of the German people overnight he did it one legislative eroding act at a time.

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