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Illiteracy and the assault on gun rights

When talking with advocates of gun control I try and find a way to have an intelligent and impactful discussion. Unfortunately, the results of those conversations have little to do with how respectful and even-toned the communication. Over the years … Continue reading

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CRITICAL: New filing in magazine ban lawsuit imminent

A little over a month ago, we filed the federal lawsuit Wiese v. Becerra to challenge California’s “Large Capacity” magazine ban scheme and Prop. 63’s total ban on even “grandfathered” magazines. Now our lawyers will move to block enforcement of … Continue reading

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CRPA Rolls Out Coalition of Local Gun Owners Project

The CRPA (California Rifle and Pistol Association) just rolled out the Coalition of Local Gun Owners Project (CLGO). This is a convenient place to get California-specific firearms information and news. According to the CLGO site: Related posts: Stand and Fight … Continue reading

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Stand and Fight California Website Has CRPA and NRA_ILA Partnership

The NRA-ILA (NRA Institute for Legislative Action and the CRPA (California Rifle & Pistol Association have launched a web site specifically to fight against the Draconian anti-gun legislation that has been and continues to be introduced. Stand and Fight California … Continue reading

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CALL CITY OF SAN JOSE NOW!!!!!! Measure C being pushed for San Jose!!!

As you all know, a few bed-wetting communists in Sunnyvale snuck through a number of anti gun ordinances via a back door secret deal just a year or two ago. NOW THEY ARE TRYING IT IN SAN JOSE. They all … Continue reading

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Crisis for the Second Amendment with SCOTUS Nominee Merrick Garland

Your action is needed more than ever! Judge Merrick Garland voted to rehear the Parker v. District of Columbia case when the Washington D.C. government asked for a rehearing. This decision led to the Heller decision that reaffirmed the Second … Continue reading

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AB 2459 Can Close Every Place That Sells Firearms or Ammunition!

This is from the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition) and it shows exactly why we need to band together as firearms owners, and I mean ALL people who own a firearm, and vote against the anti-gun legislators such as Assemblyman Kevin … Continue reading

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AB 1673 Is Back and Outlaws Ghost Guns and Even Raw Materials to Make One

In California, it has always been possible to build your own rifle, as long as you follow a set of rules (i.e. make it yourself for yourself, don’t sell it ever, etc.). Please call the Committee on Public Safety and … Continue reading

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Bonta Trying to Put an Annoying Mosquito in Firearms Owners Ears

California Assemblyman Rob Bonta has introduced AB 1695. This bill is to make sure anyone purchasing a firearm receives a mailed copy of some of the firearms regulations. This mailing will occur after one purchases firearm safety permit, takes training … Continue reading

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OK Everybody, this is it! The fate of your Range and Chabot Gun Club will be decided on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 beginning at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. We ask you to be there. Early. The East Bay Regional Park District has made it a little easier this time. … Continue reading

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