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Actually, Owning a Gun IS Necessary (and gun control gets in the way)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn   Under American law, an individual does not have a right to police protection. Police are to protect the public in general. Suing a municipality for failing to provide police protection will lose in court for … Continue reading

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What If Only Members of the Well-Regulated Militia Had Firearms?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What would happen if SCOTUS were to rule that the right to keep and bear arms is to be limited only to those people who are members of the well-regulated militia? Interestingly enough they already have … Continue reading

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Gun Sales Soaring and 59% Are First-Time Buyers in California

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Every time there is a shooting that attracts the national media, we see an uptick in firearm sales throughout the United States. The reasons are many including self-defense, fear of firearms being banned and maybe even … Continue reading

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California Concealed Carry Permits in Trouble

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Reported by the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition): Licenses to carry in California, while still rare, have been increasing. As these licenses are valid statewide, this increases the likelihood that the licensee will come into contact with … Continue reading

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Petition the RNC and Quicken Loans Arena to Allow Open Carry at Convention

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Republican National Convention will be held this coming July 2nd in Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio is an open carry state, so it would make sense to allow the open carry of firearms at the Republican convention. … Continue reading

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AB 2459 Can Close Every Place That Sells Firearms or Ammunition!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This is from the FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition) and it shows exactly why we need to band together as firearms owners, and I mean ALL people who own a firearm, and vote against the anti-gun legislators … Continue reading

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Naval Hospital Complex Shooting: “Run, Hide or Fight”

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Around 8 am today (January 26, 2015) an “active shooter” was reported in Building 26 of the Naval Medical Center San Diego. The NMCSD Facebook page posted a message warning people to stay away from the … Continue reading

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More Police and Sheriffs Support Personal Defense and Concealed Carry

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Contrary to what sheriff’s organizations say about strict gun control, an increasing number of sheriffs and police chiefs are recommending that people obtain firearms to protect their houses. A lot are even encouraging responsible gun owners … Continue reading

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Trump Has New York Conceal Carry License [VIDEO]

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Back in October 28, 2015, Donald Trump, a Republican candidate for President of the United States, told viewers of the Presidential debates that he has a permit from New York to carry a concealed firearm. Trump … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Targets Firearms of Social Security Recipients

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn If you receive Social Security benefits (which you also put your hard-earned money into the SS system in order to gain this payback) you may be among the millions of Americans whose Right to Bear (and … Continue reading

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