Mother Defends Two Daughters and Herself from Attacker

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Earnest Gonzales went to his ex-girlfriend’s home and tried to kick in the door.  He left as soon as police were called.  He waited until two in the morning, threatened to kill her and her children, broke open the door and started beating her and her two daughters – age 16 and a newborn baby.

She managed to retrieve her legally-owned .380 pistol and then shot Gonzales, her attacker.  He collapsed outside where police found him.  He died at a hospital.

The shooting is being referred to a Grand Jury, but police expect no charges will be filed.

Gonzales had a history of violence with convictions for harassing communication, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault.

Her baby and 16-year old daughters might have been killed along with herself if she did not have that firearm.

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