Theater Security Guard Thwarts Mass Casualties in Movie Theater

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Jesus Manuel Garcia worked with his girlfriend at the China Garden Restaurant.  Some time after she broke up with him, he sent her a text that he was going to the restaurant and shoot somebody.

She was not working at the time.  When she read the text on the evening of December 16th, Garcia was already shooting through the door of the China Garden in South San Antonio.

An employee ran out of the restaurant and into the Santikos Mayan Palace 14 Theater.  Garcia chased him shooting and also shot out the windshield of a police car that pulled into the parking lot.

Once inside the theater, the jilted boyfriend started shooting and hit at least one person.  Lisa Castellano was working as a security guard at the theater.  She also happened to be an off-duty Sergeant the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department.

Lisa chased Garcia into a bathroom, shot him several times and secured the shooter’s firearm.  Eventually, an arriving officer helped handcuff the shooter and sent him on to the hospital.

Garcia is being “charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.”

Since Lisa Castellano was armed and present at the theater, she was able to stop the gunman and limit the carnage that could have been much worse.  Only two people were injured and no one died.  By Lisa being armed, she saved many lives that Sunday night.

This was not reported by any of the major media.  Since it followed the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado and the Newton, Connecticut elementary school shooting, it should have received national coverage.  This shows that the national news media has no interest in reporting that good people using firearms save lives.

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