Grandmother with a Gun Stops Store Robbery

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On December 14, 2012, a man armed with a knife entered Ernestine Aldana’s grocery store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The man advanced on her, intent on taking the cash from the register.

Luckily, Ernestine had a firearm in the store and she pulled out her gun while backing away from the would-be robber.  He must have had a change of heart as he ran away.  He was later arrested when the store’s surveillance recording was given airplay by WISN TV and other media.

Ernestine and her husband have owned the store for over two years.  They can thank her son who bought the firearm so they could protect themselves.

I was alerted to Katie Pavlich’s post which pointed to the source of the news.  Recommended to me by Walter Myers III on Facebook.

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