Armed Citizen Stops Armed Felon Fleeing From Police

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Quintonio White was on the Most Wanted list of Daytona Beach Florida.  On Friday, February 15th, he was spotted in a stolen car by undercover officers.  Unfortunately for the officers, Quintonio saw them, crashed into their unmarked car and took off.

After getting into an accident where a pair of tourists had their car totaled, Quintonio entered a house and caught Ulysses Fountain, the homeowner in the bathroom brushing his teeth.  Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood told reporters “Fountain told White to relax, and then the homeowner stepped into another room of his residence.  He came back with a gun and confronted White. They struggled over the gun.”

A fight ensued as the fought over one of the guns which took them outside and Mr. Fountain fired a warning shot and Quintonio stopped struggling.  Another news source quoted Police Chief Chitwod as saying “The guy is telling (the homeowner), ‘The cops are after me, and I’m going to give you $1,000 to hide me.’”

Police nearby came and arrested the felon.

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