Assistant Basketball Coach Stops Armed Robbers On Detroit School Grounds [video]

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On Friday, February 1st, Ernest Robinson, an assistant coach for the girl’s basketball team, was outside Martin Luther King, Jr. High School in Detroit when he was approached two teens who try to rob him and two members of the team.

Unfortunately, the two teenage robbers had a handgun, which they were not permitted even possess.  This would lead to their downfall.

Fortunately for Ernst, who happens to be a reserve officer for the Detroit Police Department with a valid concealed firearms permit, shot the two robbers when they pointed the illegally-owned handgun at him.  One of the teenage robbers, who was recently expelled from the school, died.  The other robber, who was a student at the high school, was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the stomach.

The two members of the girl’s basket team and the assistant coach were not harmed.  If it were not for the quick action of Mr. Robinson, the teen girls and he could have been killed.

Mr. Robinson was arrested and taken to jail.  He was not charged and was released.

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