Burglar Killed While Hitting the Same Place Twice [video]

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On Tuesday, March 12th, the police received a call from a homeowner in Albertville, Alabama.  The police saw Jamison Lynn Lacey lying dead from a shotgun blast to the chest.

The homeowner had a problem with someone breaking into his rental property, damaging doors and stealing various items.  He decided to move into the house.  One night, someone broke down the door and entered the house.  The homeowner fired one blast from a shotgun, killing the intruder.

The shooting will go before a Grand Jury.  Albertville Police Assistant Chief Jamie Smith said “We are in the early stages of the investigation, but right now we’re treating it as a burglary and the homeowner defending his property.”  Smith continued “I’m sure at the time [the homeowner] felt he was in danger so he took what action he thought he needed to take at the time to protect himself. You can back away from anything, but home is as far backwards as you can go.  At what point do you leave your house to let them have it?  Your home is your castle. You can only retreat so far as your home.”

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