Youth Protects Family With Firearm – In New York City!

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New York City has Draconian gun laws, so when two armed criminals broke into the Canarsie, Brooklyn home on June 3rd, there were no weapons the homeowners could use to defend themselves.  The home invasion did not turn out the way the perps had planned.

The armed men, one dressed in a uniform similar to a FedEx employee, ordered two of the occupants to lie on the floor.  One of the invaders started to enter a bedroom where a 10-year-old boy was hiding and that was his mistake.

The young man slammed the door on the criminal which forced him to drop his firearm.  The boy picked it up and fired a shot toward the criminal.  The other gunman returned one shot and both of the perps fled the scene.  No one was hurt.

Even the happenchance of getting the criminal’s handgun will cause a pair of miscreants, who minutes ago were bent on stealing and who knows what else (like rape or murder), to flee like scared rats.  In fact, that’s just what these perps are.  Time and time again, it has been proven that even armed criminals fear getting shot and will hightail it out of Dodge rather quickly when presented with such a possibility.

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