Cleveland Man Saves Fiancée, Children and Nieces from Armed Invaders [video]

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Johnny Bridges is being declared a hero in his home town of Cleveland, Ohio.  Johnny looked out the window when his fiancée Jacquella Lattimore was taking four children to camp.  He saw two gunmen trying to force her back into the house.

Johnny Bridges - neighborhood hero

Johnny Bridges – neighborhood hero

Johnny armed himself and when the criminals approached the door, he fired, hitting one of them.  The other gunman fled as well as a third gunman who was in the garage with the children.  They were later arrested by police as they were acting suspiciously in the neighborhood.

Councilman Mike Polensek visited Johnny Bridges after the shooting.  He congratulated Johnny for protecting his family from these thugs and called him a hero.  Mike told a reporter “Too bad, you know?  That’s what happens… invade someone’s home – you deserve to get lead poisoning.”  The councilman also called the wounded gunman a “dirt bag.”

Johnny Bridges said he would again protect his family “in a heartbeat.”  A good man with a gun beat three armed intruders and saved lives.

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