Armed Robbers Shot While Executing Holdup [video]

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On Sunday evening, August 4th, at 7 pm, two armed robbers approached a man who was washing his car at his Buffalo, New York home. While they were robbing the homeowner, they missed seeing the NRA decal on the car’s rear window. They also underestimated their victim – after all, this is New York State and very few people are armed.

Both robbers were shot – one was hit in the stomach and was found collapsed in a neighbor’s yard. The other was hit in the leg and apprehended at a local hospital. Some of the cash and jewelry was recovered by the police.

Although New York State has a retreat law that states one must retreat before using deadly force. While the police believe that the homeowner was within his right to protect himself, they believe a grand jury will review this case.

Man shoots suspects who robbed him

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