Gun Trumps Knife In Philly

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Dondi DeCosta picked on the wrong person when he threatened William Lawler near a Pathmark in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. When DeCosta threatened to cut up Lawler and his girlfriend with a 13-inch knife, Lawler unholstered his 9 mm Glock and held it be his side.

DeCosta made a bad decision to continue to approach the couple and was shot in the groin. Lawler described what happened:

“At least a half-dozen times, I ordered him to stop. The last time, I said, ‘I don’t want to shoot you, but I will.’ Then, after I shot him, he fell to his knees and tried to throw the knife at me.”

This attack happened on Tuesday, October 14th and the Philadelphia police decided not to charge Lawler, as video from Pathmark’s surveillance system collaborated his story.

Lawler is a long-time concealed carry permit holder and showed once again a good guy with a gun stopped a life-threatening crime without the loss of life. The perp was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Lawler was not shy about exercising his God-given Second Amendment rights:

“I firmly believe that in order to maintain a free society, people need to take personal safety into their own hands. You should walk around ready and able to protect yourself and others in your community.”

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