Armed Man Prevents Bodily Harm by Stopping Two Racially-Motivated Attackers

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On June 28th, Erick Paula, a Fairfield, Illinois resident and CCW holder, was cut off the road at 3:30 am by a black SUV. Two men exited the vehicle and challenged Erick to a fistfight. The two thugs were warned that they were about to attack someone who had a concealed firearm, but they told Erick to put down his weapon and fight.

The unfortunate perps made the decision to attack anyway. Erick had a .22 semi-automatic with a 10-round magazine. He fired all 10 rounds into the pair when they were a foot away from him. The thugs were wounded, fled the scene and drove themselves to the hospital.

Erick is black and the two idiots were white. They started hurling racist remarks at Erick during a party and Erick left. They followed him and cut him off with their vehicle. Erick is not being charges because the shooting was in self-defense.

Once again, a good guy with a gun saved himself from bodily harm.

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