Homeowner Who Was Stabbed Stops Accused Murderer Dead in His Tracks

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On March 10 at 4 in the morning in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Rafael McCloud broke into the garage of an unidentified couple. He restrained the couple and wound up stabbing the husband. Sometime later, the husband must have managed to work loose from his bindings and retrieve a firearm.

The intruder was stopped dead in his tracks by a shot to the head. Both the husband and the wife were injured, but the husband was the only one that needed hospitalization for a stab wound to the shoulder. The police were called to the house at 7:00 am to secure the crime scene, get the couple medical treatment and retrieve the body of the felon.

McCloud was an escaped felon from the Vicksburg Jail where he was awaiting trial for the rape and murder of a woman. He had made a shank in jail, overcame an officer and used the officer’s keys, clothes and radio to escape on March 2nd. McCloud was considered armed and dangerous. The Vicksburg police even warned the residents of the town to bring their firearms in from their cars and check their homes to make sure the felon had not broken in.

Walter Armstrong, the police chief of Vicksburg said:

He was pretty much given the bum’s rush by the suspect.

Once again a good guy with a gun stopped a criminal from doing further harm and possibly saved lives.

One thought on “Homeowner Who Was Stabbed Stops Accused Murderer Dead in His Tracks

  1. Spurwing Plover

    Well at least the american tax payers are releived from having to take care of this felon and he wont be getting any early release by some bleedingheart president and justice has been done with his death


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