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Houston Store Clerk Stops Robbery

Someone picked the wrong store to rob.  The would-be robber was shot by a clerk on February 9th as he attempted the holdup.  The clerk shot the perp several times.

It appears someone drove the criminal to the hospital, where he was arrested.  The owner of the Stop and Gone market told ABC 13 Eyewitness News “It is dangerous. Even in your home it is dangerous, you can’t even go to your home nowadays.”

Store Manager Saves Employees [video]

Demarcus BrandonA month ago, Demarcus Brandon was the suspect in the shooting of an officer.  He was a repeat criminal and decided to commit another armed robbery at a Chicago cell phone store.

He entered the store brandishing a handgun and threatened the store manager and his employees.  The manager ran to a back room despite the orders from Demarcus to stop or be shot.  The manager was able to retrieve his firearm and came back to the showroom. Continue reading

Armed Robbers Shot While Executing Holdup [video]

On Sunday evening, August 4th, at 7 pm, two armed robbers approached a man who was washing his car at his Buffalo, New York home. While they were robbing the homeowner, they missed seeing the NRA decal on the car’s rear window. They also underestimated their victim – after all, this is New York State and very few people are armed. Continue reading

Man Stands His Ground and Prevents Robbery at Family Jewelry Store [video]

Two armed men entered the Kennedy Jewelry Store in Chattanooga, Tennessee, just before closing time on Monday, August 5th. One of the would-be robbers opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle.The man with the rifle wore a “Scream” mask and the other man had a crowbar wrapped in a towel, probably for smashing the display cases, but he did not get a chance to use it. Continue reading

Gun Packing Wife Saves Husband at Denny’s [video]

On Thursday, August 8 at 4 in the morning, six gunman walked into a Denny’s restaurant and forced a man to the floor. The proceeded to rob him of jewelry.

His wife came out of the bathroom. Since she had a concealed carry permit and had her firearm on her person, she and the six gunmen exchanged fire. The gunmen fled, taking with them an undisclosed amount of jewelry. Continue reading

Woman’s Loud Scream and a Loaded .357 Save Her [video]

On May 16th, shortly before 5 am, Betty Collins was disturbed at home by someone trying to break into her home In Toledo, Ohio.  A loud scream put the would-be robber in his place – especially when she backed up that scream with a loaded .357 revolver. Continue reading

Jewelry Store Owner Wards Off Armed Robbers [video]

On May 4th at around quarter to eleven in the morning, an armed, masked man walked into Bonaci Fine Jewelers, in Kent, Washington.  He probably expected to pick up a bunch of gold, but he wound up getting lead instead. Continue reading

Manager Shoots at Robber 911 Call Answered Over an Hour Later

On the evening of May 5th, Joe Cho, the manager of Pepe’s Grocery & Deli in West Dallas, Texas was getting ready to close the store when he saw two armed robbers enter.  He grabbed his .38 revolver and and and fired multiple shots at one of the perps when they jumped over the counter demanding money. Continue reading

Miami Robber Does Not Have It His Way at Burger King

On Monday, April 8, an armed robber entered a Burger King in Miami at around 1 pm and started to rob a patron of their cash and valuables. As the robber was leaving, a customer who had a concealed weapon permit shot the robber in the leg, as he was in fear for his family’s lives. Continue reading

Senior Citizen Protects Self from Robber

On Sunday evening, March 10th, in Ocala, Florida, James Stevens, an 81-year old, saw he was being followed.  Since he didn’t want this person following him home, he pulled over and so did the would-be robber.

Lonnie Lorenza Hollingsworth Jr., a 28-year old, approached James and demanded everything he had.  This turned out to be a mistake, as James had a .38 revolver and “gave” Lonnie four .38 bullets. Continue reading