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Citizen Stops Bank Robbery

On Friday, December 28th, 2012, Eric Roberts walked into the Capitol City Bank in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Roberts made a grave mistake that day when he pulled out a gun and tried to rob the bank.

Adrion Bell, who happens to be a deputy for the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, advised Roberts not to rob the bank and put his weapon down.  Roberts instead made Sergeant Bell feel threatened, so Bell shot the robber once. Continue reading

Man Protects Himself from Robber

Around the evening of December 16th, 2012, John Doe (not his real name) was selling a cell phone to someone when he was robbed of his wallet and the cell phone.  John Doe shot the robber as he turned to run away.

Mauldin, South Carolina police Detective Ford said “Obviously he did try to protect his property and himself. And it worked out OK because we caught the bad guy, and the victim he’s shaken up for what he did. He’s shaken up, it wasn’t intentional or anything, he was just trying to protect himself.”

The robber drove away and crashed into a store.  The police found him on the ground behind a store where he was arrested and taken to a hospital.

Store Employee Saves Life and Business

Byron Phillip decided to rob the Arundel County Coin Shop on Christmas Day.  Instead of valuable coins, Byron would up collecting lead instead as he was shot by a store employee.

The store employee, whose name was not released, shot the intruder after he was attacked.  This happened in Maryland.  The employee might have been killed if the shop was located in Washington D.C. where firearms are rare as gnats teeth.